Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Human Resources Books for Sale

Since 2008 I have studied for a Foundation Degree in Contemporary Arts Practice, a BA in Entrepreneurship and for my Level 5 Certificate in Human Resource Management. I have a number of books on the subject of Arts, Business, Marketing, Study Skills and Human Resource Management that I will not be taking with me when I emigrate. I wish I had the time to read them again - sadly I dont. I would like to sell these books - see the list below. (I will be adding to this list daily and also posting posts with photos of each book.

If you are interested in the theory of Human Resource Management, particularly if you are studying the subject, you will find this lot very handy for research and providing insight into current theory and practice and the human resource function from the early days of personnel management. This is particularly interesting as it is possible to see which theories have stood the test of time and which have changed over the years.
Tyson, Shaun. (1997). The practice of Human Resource Strategy. Pitman Publishing.
Bedward, Rexworthy, Blackman, Rothwell, Weaver. (1997).First Line Management A Practical Approach. This is an ex library book.
Tyson, Shaun & Fell, Alan. Evaluating the Personnel Function. (1987).
Sparrow, Brewster and Harris. (2004) Globalizing Human Resource Management.
Storey, John.(1995) Human Resource Management a Critical Text.
Kew, John & Stredwick. John. Business Environment - Managing in a Strategic Context.
Marchington, Mick and Wilkinson, Adrian. (2012) Human Resource Management at Work (5th Edition). This is a CIPD book.
McDonal, Malcolm & Wilson, Hugh. (2011) Marketing Plans - How to prepare them, how to use them.

Selling my stuff to move 4000 miles away

Since 2008 I have wanted to emigrate to the other side of the world, some 4000 miles away so that I can live on a farm with my family and a menagerie of animals. Now that things are starting to move, I am ready to start selling things that I will no longer use, or that I simply wont be able to take with me for one reason or another. I will be blogging a catch up of my journey and promoting all of the weird and wonderful things that I have collected over the years that I now want to sell in order to raise the money I will need to move away. Hopefully, someone else out there will find that they have a use for them so that they don't have to take up space in a landfill - I hate waste.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Anyone into Hexapuffing, domino knitting or small knitting projects?

I am selling a number of small skeins or balls of hand spun yarn which is suitable for small knitting or crochet projects such as hexapuffing, domino knitting or patchwork projects.  These yarns will be for sale on my Etsy Shop and I will be putting up a link very soon.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Chicken red mites

The red mites have claimed the life of one of my favourite Maran Bantams and proven to be extremely difficult to eradicate.  I have bought practically every treatment on the market, and am now finally beginning to get to grips with the problem.  I have developed a three phase attack:

  1. I clean the bedding out the hen house weekly, and give the empty house a thorough spray with disinfectant before scrubbing down and hosing out. 
  2. When it goes dark I regularly when it goes dark and spraying any mites that I see with fly spray.
  3. When the birds roost, I catch them and liberally coat them with mite killing powder.
I am really concerned about the amount of chemicals I am subjecting the hens to, but I am more concerned about losing any more hens to red mite.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


I do enjoy watching the cricket at the weekend ,Oakamoor top pitch on Saturday 25th June

Little Moreton Hall

Went to Little Moreton Hall at the Weekend and had a very pleasant afternoon exploring this historic building. What did I like the most? The inscriptions engraved into the panes of glass in the leaded windows. 

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The traumas of chicken keeping, mites, worms, feather pecking, egg eating

We only have a handful of chickens.  We have had scaly leg mite in the past, and lice and these haven't been too hard to remedy.  The feather pecking and egg eating is starting to become more of a nuisance, to the point where we are considering ousting the culprits. 

All of the hens have gone off lay or else the Reds are eating the eggs.  I don't know if the lack of eggs is because it is just that time of year, or because the Reds are eating them, or if it is due to the mites, feather pecking or the possibility of worms.

The Rhode Island Reds have turned out to be food guzzling, egg eating pests.  They only seem to lay soft eggs or semi hard shelled eggs.  They drop them while they are perching - the eggs break on impact with the ground, and I think that this is what started the trouble in the first place.  Red and Ruby are pets, they are not farm production animals, but I have to say I am beginning to get more than a little irritated by them. They will even happily break into eggs that I have blown and filled with stockholm tar - and that stuff is really disgusting.  My last resort will be to put them in a coop by themselves so that they don't teach the others this trick or eat any of the other eggs.  If I was a commercial chicken keeper - they would have to go  .... on a one way trip to chicken heaven.

All of the chickens that we bought from Red Road have turned out to be feather peckers (Susan, Chewunga and Miranda).  They pluck the feathers and then eat them.  They have plucked all of the feathers off the necks and backs of some of their room mates - I have bought some anti pecking spray and given everyone in the main coop a good squirting.   Chewunga has been a fantastic mother hen, right up to the point where her chicks have lost their fluff and begun to grown feathers.  She is fine one minute, then the next, she is plucking out feathers and feeding them to the other chicks.  This is VERY BAD! and I don't want them to learn to feather peck.  This makes me think that this behaviour is learned, rather than inherited.  I have been separating them a little in the day and putting them back together at night and they have been given a good spray over too.  The spray smells and feels like it has a stockholm tar base and does stink and taste horrid (yes I inadvertantly got a mouthfull when I was spraying the chicks).  If anyone can recommend any other type of spray - email me, I am at the point where I will try anything.

I have also noticed that we have a mite problem.  Not because I spotted the mites on the chickens cuz they are tiny, but when I was handling one of the birds, I noticed that I began to itch, and spotted a few lice on me - yuck.  So I have bought some lice killing liquid.  I have to dilute this and spray the hen houses very thoroughly, making sure that I get into every nook and cranny.  I have also bought some powder (diatomous earth) that I can dust both the hens and their coops with.  I have a feeling that this could be something that I have to battle on with for some time to get rid of the problem completely.

So, while I was out buying anti-pecking spray, diatomous earth powder, and mite killing potions, I also bought some wormer and have put everyone on the worming programme just to cover all my bases.

Chicken keeping is sometimes hard work.